Out Behave Your Competition

The behavioural map that provides a blueprint to elevate performance of every person in your team.

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The behaviour of you, your business and your employees is your differentiator.

It’s how you do things, not just what you do, that enables you to outperform your competition, or in our words, out-behave them. The performance of your team is underpinned by the behaviours you drive day to day. If you ever want to measure your culture - look no further than the dominant behaviours that appear in your business - they will either be your main drivers, or detractors of success.

Having undertaken significant training in behavioural change management, underpinned by meta programs, we developed our signature behavioural mapping tool. This tool provides a blueprint to managers and leaders in how to manage their team to achieve higher levels of performance, how to communicate with increased impact, how to build deeper level relationships, and is used pre-hire to help you better predict how someone will behave and perform should you hire them. We have even had clients use it to map the behaviours of their clients for increased sales & customer service.

Using our behavioural map, our clients have achieved some amazing results...

  • Significant sales increases
  • Over 50% reduction in recruitment costs
  • Elevated team performance levels
  • Increases to employee engagement of over 100%
  • Profit increases of over 60%
  • Out-behave your competition

Increase Productivity of Your Team

Understand the behaviours that make your team most productive, and elevate management effectiveness.

Reduce 'Bad Hires'

Better predict the behaviours of someone prior to hiring them to decrease the likelihood and related cost of a bad hire.

Improve Leadership Team Dynamics

Gain a better understanding of your leadership team to engage, influence and communicate with more impact.